Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Marfy 9029 Top

Posted on:7/20/05 2:59 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
Project Photo:photo
Pattern Rating:Recommended, but with modifications

This ruched top is one of the free patterns from the 2004 spring edition of the Marfy pattern catalog. I have several of these inspiring catalogs each of which includes a few patterns. I have been wanting to try one out before I order any of the patterns. I picked the simplest of the included patterns that I have.

The important thing to know about these Marfy designs is that no instructions are included. There are letters and slit marks (like notches) for matching seams. If a piece is to be cut on the fold it is marked thusly. There are a few other such markings on the patterns such as "gather here". No other instructions, no cutting layouts, no fabric amounts to purchase. Compared to Marfy, Burda WOF is full of information. Fabric suggestions are very minimal and often include woven and knit for the same design. My pattern called for charmeuse satin or jersey.

5 sizes are included on the free patterns so tracing is required. On the patterns you purchase only one size is included and that is cut out for you. The pattern paper is nice and sturdy. The fit was pretty good as I only needed to do my usual alterations tapering the side seams.

A good bit of knowledge and experience is necessary to succeed with these patterns. Even choosing the fabric could be a problem. My pattern included a side zipper and back darts both of which I eliminated since I was using a jersey.

In spite of my many years of sewing I am not very good at remembering how to do things, especially the order of construction. Even on this very simple design I had to think quite a bit about how to go about it. I got most of it alright except I didn't plan ahead for the part where the pull cord comes out at the hem. Fortunately the ruching disguises the lack of preparation there.

I think for me the lack of instructions is a problem. The detailed designs entice me though. Many of you comment in your reviews that you don't look at the instructions when you are sewing. The Marfy line may be just the thing for you if you are looking for interesting, fashion forward garment design.

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