Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vogue 8499 Marcy Tilton skirt

I was much happier with the sewing of the skirt from the same Marcy Tilton pattern with the baggy pants. This went together very smoothly and the result is wonderful. I've already worn this for two days feeling both comfortable and stylish. I found the great zippers in a quilt shop near State Line, Nevada, which was a few miles from the sewing retreat (and we all thought there were just gambling casinos there). That was the only break we took from our obsessive sewing... a quick run to the shop to get zips, buttons, and rotating caddies for our sewing tools. All the quilters had clever things to tote and organize their stuff but we garment sewers had our things strewn all about. So now I have two cute caddies in case I get to go again to such an event.

Meanwhile, the skirt. The pockets are very clever with the mitered bottom. As you can see in the pictures they are very huge so those watching my sewing started calling this my shoplifting skirt. Haha. Not useful pockets because you would really have to bend way over to get something from the pocket. But very cool looking. Read more about it in my Pattern Review at


Mary Beth said...

Hi Ann! I love seeing all the things you've made at the Retreat. The fabric in this skirt is a very nice cotton. I'm puzzling the purse zippers for the pockets: perhaps zips with closed ends are difficult to find? or maybe some folks would find those hard to manufacture on their own? Fancy pulls is a nice touch, though.

I just read your review and wonder at the recommendation for a stretch fabric, too, but maybe the lycra content will help keep the wrinkle factor down.

Looking at the other comments here, I'd say you've got some jokers in your fan club. Oh well, you've got lots of real fans!

Annika said...

Ann - you should probably turn on Word Verifier in your Blogger settings:

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BTW your skirt is marvelous!


Birgitte said...

That's a beautiful skirt and the fabric is superb. Love the zip pockets.