Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vogue 2980 Sandra Betzina top

This is just a great top. So easy to sew but with tons of style. And comfortable too. You just have to find a bra that has wide set straps and you are all set.

One thing I really like about this garment is that, because the neckline is folded, you don't have to worry about achieving a professional finish around the oh so visible neckline. Often that is where the stitching shows the "loving hands at home" look. So this is an excellent pattern for knit beginners.

The only alteration I did was to add on to the side seams to increase size C up to my bust size.
My knit is a bit thick so there is a bit of bulk at the underarm side seams where the collar is pleated in. Not uncomfortable but a little odd feeling at first.

Do you like my rooster?


coolobreeze said...

Hi, Ann...
I really enjoy your blog, and I thank you for this review. I have this pattern, yet have not sewn it; I was waiting to see how it would fit those of us with fuller cups. Yours looks wonderful.
Question: Do you think that I--because of my "D" cup- should just do an FBA, adding a dart to my pattern?
By the way, your rooster is great.

Sharon said...

Ann - where did you get that fabric? I love it sewn into this top. It looks great on you.

I want to make another one of these but haven't found the right fabric yet. I agree that the excess fabric under the arm felt weird at first but you get used to it after wearing the top for awhile.

Connie Bontje said...

Love the pattern- gotta have it now! and the rooster is soo cute