Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carolyn's question re Vogue 2987

In response to Carolyn's question about fabric to use for the Anne Klein jacket: I think a nice wool would work well for this jacket. Something that eases well for the sleeve caps and can be steamed into shape. Perhaps wool crepe or even a gabardine that isn't stiff. The suede will work if you make the modifications I've been doing. You will probably need to do those in wool too, certainly adding the interfacing. I think they must have used a stiffer, heavier suede than mine to have the collar work. But then the sleeves would have been even worse.


marty said...

Anne, thanks for the heads up on this pattern. I bought it and thought it would look good in a nice woolen blend. Sorry that you had so much trouble with it in the ultra-suede.

Carolyn said...

Anne -- thanks for answering my question about using wool. I just love the seaming.

Carolyn (Irina on PR)