Monday, January 26, 2009

Birgitte has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am so honored, especially since I haven't been posting much lately. I promise to do better... I have a few projects ready to review once I get those photos taken. Thanks Birgitte.
Here are the rules for the award
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         Loohoo Originals
     Sue's Sewing and Happenings
Bloom's Fabric Obsession
noile dot net

There are many other wonderful bloggers out there that I enjoy following but they have already been nominated for the award so I didn't list them. I'm sure you all love reading and sharing as much as I do.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Quilt Show, Garment Display

My friend Barbara and I set up our display on Friday spending most of the day. There were hassles at first with the platforms (set up too high and too small) but we got those worked out. Good thing we got there early. Once the platforms were in place we got busy arranging the dress forms and mannequins and unpacking all the clothes. We decided to arrange the clothing for best aesthetic flow instead of grouped separately by which one of us made them. So they are mixed in the arrangement. You can tell some of Barbara's by the rust tones. She also made all the beautiful children's clothing for her grandchildren.

The quilt show was really well attended both Saturday and Sunday. People were coming around studying our things, some taking pictures, and many asking questions. It seemed really well received and many members of the quilt guild came over to express appreciation for us doing this. It was really fun to do. The extra bonus was I got to hang out with Barbara for the 3 days.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting ready for the Quilt Show

I can't believe it has been November since I blogged. What has happened to me??!! Just too much to  do and no sewing. We had a wonderful trip to Jackson Hole to spend Christmas with 2 sons, 2 DILs, and 2 grandsons and lots of snow. Now, back home once again I've spent the week clearing away all the Christmas remains and I'm ready to sew. But first I must organize my sewing projects for the big show coming up on January 24 and 25. Once again I have been invited by the quilt guild to create a display of my garments for the big regional quilt show. It is so exciting to be asked to do this, partly because it is such an honor, but also because they feel there is an interest in fashion garment sewing. There is a separate display for the quilted garments and art-to-wear.

I asked my friend Barbara to share the space this year so we will each display about 10 outfits. Here's one of mine. This is the vintage jacket and dress pattern from EvaDress, based on an outfit Katherine Hepburn wore in one of her movies.