Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vogue 1113 Mizono Jacket

For years I've seen Mizono garments in a few boutiques I've windowed shopped in and now here one has appeared at Vogue. I'm thrilled. This is an unlined jacket, loose fitting with asymmetrical hemline, Kimono sleeves with uneven hemline, lapped fronts and neckline slits. There are also pull on pants included in the pattern but I only made the jacket so far.

I cut size 8 (although my measurements call for 16+) and I took in the underarm seam another 1/2 inch. So, it has a lot of ease. Compared to the pattern illustraton mine looks longer on me as I am 5'3" and didn't shorten it at all. You can see that it is quite short in the back.

I loved the unique shaping, easy construction, the neckline, the interesting sleeves, everything.
I used a wool tweed-like fabric that actually has little white colored squares on the surface of the black. A wonderful unique textile I bought recently from the Textile Studios final sale. Boo hoo, sad to see that resource go.

I made no alterations, not even the sleeve length. I worried about the sleeve length as I usually need to shorten sleeves about 2 inches. There is no place indicated to shorten the sleeves although you could do it half way up the sleeve and true the seam. But, after a quick tissue fitting, I decided that the shorter part of the sleeve would hit on the top of my arm and would be short enough. I did move the location of the button slightly to hit me at a more flattering spot.

I probably don't need another soon but I do highly recommend to those of you who, like me, enjoy the unusual. I may make it again someday in a summer weight, linen perhaps.

As you can see I'm very pleased with this new garment.


Gail said...

I really like asymmetrical looks that the Japanese designers do.

katherine h said...

This unique cut looks so good on you...and you look happy to be wearing it. It it lovely to see people enjoying their own creations. Thanks for showing us this unusual style.

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Ann...what a glorious garment. I just love this style. You know just how to wear these unusual look fabulous!

gwensews said...

You wear those "artsy" type jackets well. All of your Sewing Workshop patterns look great on you. I think the full pants that go with this jacket would look nice on you also.

Lindsay T said...

You look like you could be the creative director at boutique ad agency! (That's a compliment.) Very nice jacket.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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