Friday, October 17, 2008

Vogue 1061 Sandra Betzina jacket and pants

When we first saw this pattern, my friend Dorothy both agreed we had to make it. It looks like just the thing to wear instead of a warm up suit while being just as comfortable. And it is. She has just reviewed her incredible green version. In addition she made it in an almost sheer bamboo knit that is wonderful also. Since she covered everything beautifully in her review I will just add a few things.

The instructions are wonderful and Sandra really helps you out with lots of detailed advice. I did overlook the bit about the wedge in the front and cut the curve off both pieces right at the beginning. So watch out for that. There is a lot of sewing to this jacket. All the back seams are stitched, serged and then topstitched to form the ridge. I don't think there is anything really tricky about this garment, just takes a bit of time.

I think my fabric is rayon double knit jersey. At least that is what it feels like. I've had it a while so I'm not sure. Whatever it is it is incredibly soft and comfy feeling. Because it is a double knit it doesn't drape quite as much as Dorothy's. Be careful in choosing your fabric to pick one that is not too bulky. All those seams in the back add up to a lot of fabric at the back neck.

The pants are those included with the pattern. They are a great fitting one seam pant with a wide waist band. The band has negative ease and holds the pants up. I made no alterations to the pants except to shorten 2 inches. They are the same fabric, cut the same direction as the top so I don't get why the color looks so different in the photos.

Pants back
Pants front
Ruched sleeve
Very large hood
Jacket back
Another view of jacket back
Two pieces, front

I'm looking forward to using this as a travel outfit. In the photos I wore the top alone but I would be more likely to dress with a top underneath, as Dorothy did in her photos. Then I could layer on and off for plane flights or whatever.