Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching Up

I've got so much catching up to do here. I've been on such a sewing spree I haven't taken time to write about it. I did review the Sandra Betzina top 2980 on PR that I made using my very aged Versace deck chairs fabric. This is a lovely quality cotton knit. I'm very pleased with how the top turned out as I've been reluctant to use this fabric, both because it was costly but also because I questioned my sanity in buying fabric with large scale deck chairs as the print. I had cut out the pattern piece for the short sleeve but decided it was widening on me so I omitted it and just turned the sleeve opening under and topstitched. Perhaps soon I will wear this....


Faye Lewis said...

Your top turned out very pretty. The deck chairs are summery I like the print. I have that pattern and have chosen the fabric, but I've been scared to try it. I plan on making it in an aqua knit.

Anonymous said...

The deck chair print is not at all too big. It is absolutely perfect!
You look great.

Ryansmum PR
aka D