Friday, August 31, 2007

Vogue 8402 Eyelet Top

Lots of things to post. I'll start with a wrap up of my wadded wrap top, Vogue 8402. I think this style needs a small busted body to look good. I have worn empire styles successfully but this doesn't work for me. I think it is because the underbust seam doesn't curve into the body but stands away. There is minimal shaping there to flatter so I just look large and wide. Also the longer tunic length is not good for me. I knew that but I was hoping that the diagonals would make it work. Also the short sleeve length hits at a really bad spot on me. I would have cut the longer sleeve but didn't have enough fabric. Glad I didn't use my good fabric for this one.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vogue 8402 Eyelet Top

I know I took photos of this top however they have disappeared in to never, never land. This is a wadder, unfinished and ugly. But I thought I would review it anyway in the hopes someone would benefit from my experience. Now it will have to wait until I can photograph it again after we return in a week. Driving to Oregon for my sister's wedding event. See you later.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Vogue 7907 Marcy Tilton Jacket

I finally got some non-blurry photos of my new jacket. I'm very thrilled with how this project turned out. Recently at the ASG Conference in Sacramento, I kept looking at the wonderful offerings in the vendors exhibit hall but was determined to avoid buying more fabric. That lasted until the final day when I spotted these cottons. I've wanted to make this Marcy Tilton jacket for a long time but didn't have the right fabrics in my stash. Marcy's booth was nearby so I ran over there and borrowed a copy of the pattern to figure the amounts to buy. I even showed her my fabric selections when I returned to her booth. She seemed to approve. I only bought fabric for one other project and I have sewn them both up already. That must be some kind of record for me for length of time in the stash (or lack of time in the stash really).

The main fabric is a cotton dobby (textured) with an Asian motif. I selected two other cottons in the red tones found in the dobby print. I also purchased matching solid black dobby to make pants to go with the jacket. Well, okay, I haven't sewn that yet. As the jacket is quite loose fitting I didn't do my usual FBA. The only alteration was to shorten the sleeves one inch. I almost always do that.

Before I started I thought the two views shown on the pattern envelope were different. It looks as though the collars are different and the yardages called for are slightly different. However they are the same. View B is closed with button and loop so the collar looks different. The varied yardages are just because the contrast fabric placement is different.

Isn't the back neat with the pleats at the bottom? This jacket is very easy to make. I think the reason it is listed as advanced is because of the dying techniques described by Marcy. The jacket construction and fitting is simple.

Friday, August 10, 2007

What's Up

I've been so eager to sew since all that inspiration at the ASG Conference. I did manage to cut out and sew both projects that I bought fabric for there. Hopefully I will get some photos taken later today and post reviews. Mostly I have been busy preparing for the arrival of my grandson. Yes, my son and daughter-in-law are coming too. That means tidying up the sewing room so we can set up extra sleeping space. They will only be here for a day so I want to make the most of it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ASG Converence

I just returned from the ASG conference in Sacramento. It was fantastic. 4 days of non-stop education and inspiration. Here we are in our Simplicity ASG garments. Most ladies chose the kimono top although quite a few chose my pattern, the 50's retro blouse, jacket, skirt and pants. What a fun thing to have all these women together in their individual projects.

The other photo shows me with EllenAnne Geisel who was the keynote speaker. She talked about her book, "The Apron Book". She was amazing, poignant and hysterically funny. Everybody loved her. Many of us bought her book and she autographed them for everybody.

I went with my friend Barbara and together we took many classes. Our favorites were Peggy Sagers with her factory methods with lots of new ideas to try, Linda MacPhee because she is so energetic and funny, Linda Lee with ideas for handling raw edges, and Diane Ericson for encouraging us to bring out our creative side. Also a hands on felting lesson from Barb Callahan we really loved. We took an all day class from Connie Crawford that was a bit strange for me as she insisted I should be starting with a size 16 (I usually use 8 or 10 with FBA). Even the 16 she put on me required a FBA plus lots of altering at the shoulders and armscye. I don't think I will adopt her method.

We met 2 executives from Simplicity. They had a booth there as Simplicity is a sponsor of the event. I asked them what’s up with Simplicity and they assured me that all the changes are for the best. They plan to lease out the big plant which had become a white elephant with football size space for folding patterns, now done in one small room. They are contracting out printing which will result in better pattern paper and envelope printing. All good things for us and for them. They were very excited about the future for Simplicity.