Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vogue 8386 Dress

I've been so preoccupied with my photo situation that I forgot to write up about my latest sewing project. This is Vogue 8386, a soft summer dress sewn with a stash knit from EOS, probably what she calls buttermilk, a poly jersey. It has a self lined bodice that is lapped and gathered. The skirt has 5 panels with the center front panel gathered a little bit. I made view A but when I got done it seemed incomplete somehow. So I made a sash with the remnant (it's length was determined by the available leftover piece) and attached it as an after thought. It is not like view B which has a sash set into the side seams. To make it stay in place and not twist all the time, I stitched it to the skirt seams, gathering up the fullness of the skirt.

The bodice is very low cut on this dress. I raised to neckline a little bit when I cut it out. Then I overlapped the fronts more than suggested and stitched the overlap together for about 3 inches. If you don't do this the opening will be below your bosom.

I also eliminated the zipper. I don't get why it is suggested since this is for stretch knits only. Since the neckline is so wide open so low it is easy to get into it without the zip.

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Sharon said...

Very nice! I also raised the neckline and overlapped the fronts more than suggested to get it to fit me properly. I like the fabric you choose to make yours out of.