Thursday, January 16, 2014

What an amazing design. How did Katherine ever figure it out?? From the envelope: Very loose fitting, pullover dress has right and left sides extending into collar and drape, no side seams, and partially elasticized hemline. Right and left sides are cut on crosswise grain. I made size 12 although my bust measurement calls for size 18. Plenty of room.
The instructions are very good. It is important to mark all dots and notches clearly on your fabric with each reference letter. This sews up very quickly but it is so unusual you must keep the instructions close at hand. I love the unusual design with only 2 main pattern pieces, and no side seams or shoulder seams. There is a slight pulling at the upper arm which I think is due to the lack of shoulder seams.

I used a cotton/lycra blend. You definitely need the 2 way stretch as the entire garment is cut on the cross grain. I thought my print was just squiggles until I laid it out on the table and discovered the lines were actually buildings. They are all sideways now because I decided to go ahead with this pattern. The buildings look fine sideways.

I shortened the dress and the sleeves 2 inches, a usual thing I do. You need to study the design to figure out where to shorten. It is the line where you add the elastic. Also, the only place to make it larger or smaller is at the center front seam as there are no side seams. I initially added there but took it out easily when I saw it was unnecessary.

I really like this dress and definitely plan to make it again. I love the stripe version and will do that if I find a suitable fabric.

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Martha said...

Ann, this is just fabulous. I love the side-ways buildings! I am working on Marcy's latest dress pattern right now. It too is an amazing design. And, just like this one, you are sunk without marking everything carefully. I'll need to try this one, for sure.