Thursday, January 16, 2014

I had a request for more pictures of my new sewing studio. I lowered the blinds so the bright light from the western view didn't make it so hard to see inside the room. Just to tease I added a few more view photos. We have been having spectacular sunsets lately.
Goldern Gate

Gorgeous colors over the Golden Gate
Mt. Tamalpais

There is so much light in this room during the day that I don't need artificial lighting at all.

Another window with view of Mt. Tamalpais

The sewing corner
The computer area. It was a dressing area with the sink in its former life.
I think I will remove the sink to have more desk space beside the computer.


Vicki said...

Beautiful space! Lucky you.

Mary Rosson at TEFL CLASSES said...

I love your office where you can do the work while seeing beautiful scenes from a window.