Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion in Harmony: Chinese Lantern Skirt

I posted a review for the Chinese Lantern circle skirt on PR and I see that my widget linking from here to there has gone awry. Try as I might, I cannot get it to return with my review photos and the links. 

With the Thinker
With the column

Mystical View

This skirt is so totally easy to make. 
Back view

You cut 2 circles, cut an opening in the center for the waist on one circle and the legs on the other circle. Offset the circles at right angles, stitch together at the circumference, add elastic or drawstring for the waist and you are done. Looks much more complicated than it is.

In this version I used a wool jersey which is, of course, a knit. Because of the stretch-ability of a knit it is easy to walk in this skirt. If you are using a woven as I did in my other version, it may be necessary to make the leg opening larger than the waist opening. Depending, of course, on the size of your waist.

You can see, if you compare the two versions, how the draping differs between the two. Both really quite nice. I see more of these skirts in my future.
The Square Version
Reviewed here


shams said...

Really beautiful, Ann. I have this pattern in my stash and should make it up already. :)

Mary said...

This is an ingenious pattern, and looks great on you.

velosewer said...

That's a clever and flattering skirt on you.

Jilly Be said...

I think I have enough patterns...and then I see your creation and I'm reminded that I wanted to get this pattern the last time you sewed it. Beautiful AND fun - can't beat that!

Lori said...

So beautiful Ann and very clever.

Gail said...

What a terrific skirt and so in keeping with your personal style.

Anonymous said...

I made a knee length version of this and the fabric drapes in a lovely way, too.
I'm intrigued by your hemline- what is going on for it to hitch up here and there? How'd that come about?
Best wishes, Lin

Anonymous said...

Can anyone direct me to where I can purchase this pattern?
Kind regards, Elizabeth