Monday, January 23, 2012

Egad! I've been remiss!

Dish side, 1/8th of the total
I see that I haven't posted since October. True, we were in Jackson Hole twice, Christmas and New Year's happened, and other little things got in the way. I haven't even done much sewing although I have made a few things. I'm working on reviewing those that I have photos of at this very moment.

Teapots, 1/8th of this side
I have plans for new projects of course, but can't seem to get started yet. My kitchen and bathroom were painted last week which involved chaos. When I say kitchen you must understand that, in addition to all the excessive normal kitchen ware, I have many collections on display (cat teapots mostly). All things, including inside the cupboards and drawers, had to be removed as the insides are painted as well. While the painters were here we couldn't really cook anything as the room was draped in plastic. Thank heavens we have a second bathroom because that room was draped also. Although they finished their work last Friday, I am still living in chaos because I was told not to put anything back on the shelves for 5 days. Dishes stacked on the floors, pots under the chairs in the dining room, big boxes in the laundry. You get the picture. I think tomorrow I will wait no longer. Everything goes back in place. I cannot create fashion in such a situation!

After all this the kitchen will look exactly the same except the paint will not be chipped in places. I took lots of photos so I would remember where to put everything.

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shams said...

Hey there! Glad to hear all is well! Did Dorothy tell you I was asking after you last Friday? :D