Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sierra's new doll, dress, and bloomers

I seemed to have dropped out of blogging, haven't I? But I have been sewing. Lots of things. After I return from yet another trip, leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks, I will try to catch up. But in the meantime here is the latest. My DGD needed a soft doll so one was found at Joann's for a mere $4.99. The doll has lovely red hair and shoes and socks but no clothing. Also Sierra needed new bloomers. So I made bloomers for her and a matching dress for dolly. No pattern needed for dolly. Just traced around her and made an aline shape with scoop neck big enough to get on and off. I wanted it to be similar to Sierra's recent dress and lined it with the same fabric. Both dresses can be turned inside out and they will match. The dolly's dress has velcro to close at the shoulders as buttons would be too tiny and too hard for a toddler to do. I also made a little sash for dolly with the bow stitched closed and a velcro spot to hold it on her body. Also easier for little hands to manage. Sierra seems very happy with her new dolly and bloomers.

I used McCall's 6370 for the pants. Very simple. However, if you use this pattern, watch out. The order of construction is not what I'm used to and I managed to get almost done before I realized I had sewn the waist elastic to the pants legs which were not sewn together. Dumb. My excuse.... I was in a big hurry. Lots of ripping out, doubling the construction time. So watch out for that.

Also the suggested elastic length for the leg is too small. They suggest the ankle circumference plus 1 inch. I did that and it was way too tight as the pants ride up the leg. I took out that elastic and put in a longer one that added another inch. Also I used a narrower elastic which didn't cinch up as much.

The wall hanging I made for her room has embroidered faces in the center of the pieced flowers. I chose this fabric because it also has flowers with faces. I thought she would enjoy noticing that little detail.


shams said...

Omigosh, how cute is that? Cute GD, cute doll, cute clothing for both!!!

Mary said...

ohhhh, I am entranced by your GD and her cute dolly.

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