Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catching Up

Wow it has been a crazy summer. 3 reunion trips, 2 trips to Jackson Hole to see the kids, multiple trips to Bay Area involving DS#2 home purchase and move in, home only a few days since June. Home now for 2 weeks and finally getting caught up but soon will be off again on an international trip for a month. So now I have been sewing and loving it, finishing up some projects and dreaming up others.

Today I made a skirt from a fantastic vintage fabric that has been in my stash for almost 10 years. I loved the fabric so much I had a hard time deciding what to make with it. I think it was a drapery fabric from the fifties maybe, depicting Moulin Rouge subjects. Photos soon.

See my reviews listed at the right to see what I have been up to in the few weeks I have been at home. How will I ever use up my stash if I am never at home???


Mary said...

Your output is phenomenal! I also am busy-with home projects, selling things we won't use again, and teaching horseback riding. I am getting an hour or so each day to sew and my travel wardrobe is slowly getting "built". Reviews to follow, I hope. I love the recent dresses you have made.

Sharon said...

Whew! You have had a busy summer! Can't wait to see the photos of the skirt from that well-loved fabric.