Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kwik Sew 2935 Aloha Shirt

Wow! It has been a long time since I blogged. As usual life has been hectic. A trip to St. Augustine and Savannah from Thanksgiving to the first weekend in December threw me off my usual Christmas prep. We had never been to that area and loved it of course. Lots of wonderful history, architecture, and even Christmas events to attend.

Once home I plunged into the frantic Christmas activity deciding wisely to not decorate as much as usual since, not only was time short, we aren't going to be home from the 22nd to the 28th. Just as I thought I was getting it under control my son called with a plea for a Christmas themed Hawaiian shirt. He needed this for a gig coming up soon where he is playing next to Santa at a shopping mall. The hiring agent really wanted him to wear a whimsical themed shirt. He always performs in Hawaiian or Caribbean style shirts as he plays the steel drum so he has a vast collection of such shirts. He has several that I thought would be good for such an event with red flowers and green background. But no, not good enough. So I ran off to Joann's where, although the Christmas fabric was picked over, thankfully it was 60% off. I managed to find one that didn't look too tacky and raced home with it.

Of course it took me longer than I expected but it was fun making this. The most amusing part was watching my son, via web cam, try to measure one of his shirts with a 12 inch ruler. Eventually he got the required measurements for me to proceed. I mailed the shirt to him and he got it in time for his gig tomorrow. He reported via email that I am the Christmas shirt genius. He said it fits perfectly and the agent will love it. I am a happy mom.


Anonymous said...

The shirt is brilliant, witty and really about the only suitable use anyone could make of that fabric design. Inspired! I am really grinning at the screen here.


Little Hunting Creek said...

Cute shirt !! And hawaiian shirts are traditionally a little over the top. Perfect for Christmas!

meredithp said...

I think that was a great fabric score, and perfect for the occasion. If we still lived in Florida, I'd need to scrape through the Christmas fabrics and find something similar for DH. Today, I'm not sure I can get to Jo-Ann's due to the icy road conditions. You have a lucky son, a wild shirt, meticulously and beautifully sewn!

Digs said...

Great story - praise from a kid is the best praise of all. And, of course, great result. Merry Christmas, Genius Mom! ;)