Friday, August 14, 2009

What I've been doing

Home once again from a fantastic reunion/visit with family in Jackson Hole. Everybody had fun and we survived lots of babysitting time including overnight with the 3 am bottle and 5:30 am wakeup. I had one afternoon with time to myself so I traced several Burda WOF styles for future sewing. I chose simple ones with just 3 or 4 pattern pieces as my time was limited and the set up awkward. Hopefully sewing will start soon.

I'm recovering slowly from a bizarre medical situation that has me functioning more slowly than usual. I woke up 3 am in the motel on the way home Monday with an increasingly painful elbow. After a few hours I got up and looked in the mirror to find a very swollen elbow and arm. A little black mark made me think I had been stung or bitten. Asked the Motel manager if they had scorpions. Fast forward.... fever, chills, red and hot arm. Finally Wednesday I went to the doctor who didn't buy into the sting/bite theory but called it a staph infection. Asked if I had banged my elbow recently. I couldn't remember doing so but what with hiking, rafting, and playing with babies maybe I did. Apparently the bursa at the elbow is a very vulnerable place so that if it gets hurt and then has a open cut, the staph bacteria, which is around us all the time, can invade. I did have roughness on my elbow as though scraped so that must have led to this. Hopefully the antibiotics will work for me although I read that the staph bacteria is very resistant. I'm saying all this so you will attend to any scrapes with disinfectant!!


Little Hunting Creek said...

What cute babies! I hope your elbow feels better soon!

Dotty said...

What beautiful children! You are so lucky to be able to spend time with them.

Hope your elbow gets well soon-I love to see what you make!

AilsaG said...

What lovely pictures - the kids look really sweet, and the location looks fantastic. Is that Jackson in Wyoming and the Rockies!! Lucky you!! (I'm in the UK).

meredithp said...

Hope you get better soon! Staph infections are so scary these days!

Bobbie said...

Hi Ann,

I've been reading your sewing blog for a long time and really love what you do!

I hope your elbow is better soon.

And I wanted to tell you that I love your pictures of Jackson two daughters live there,they love it, we love to visit! BobbieK