Monday, July 20, 2009

Pattern Reviews

I finally got all my reviews written. Boy, when you do a lot of sewing, the reviews pile up. I'm leaving, as soon as I pack, for a 3 week trip to visit the babies in Jackson Hole. So, sorry, I don't have time to add anything to my reviews. I hope you enjoy reading them. They are linked to the right. No sewing for me for a while unless my DIL has dreamed up some projects for me to do while visiting. She usually does....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Writing reviews

I've been procrastinating writing my reviews for PR because it has just been too darn hot to put the garments on. Finally I got organized with the makeup on and DH ready early enough in the morning to do a photo shoot. We took photos of 7 projects all at once! As it got warmer I moved upstairs where there is AC so some of the photos are in the hallway which is the coolest part of the house.

Now to write all the reviews....