Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilt/wall hanging

When I got involved in making the Wyoming themed flannel rag quilt for Oz I noticed some lovely designs that would make nice wall hangings for the town house in Jackson. I don't really intend to become a quilter but once and a while it is a pleasant diversion. I had never done an applique type project, or at least I haven't for 30 years or so, so I didn't want to start with too huge a design. This one is only 28 x 38 so it didn't take forever. In fact I did all but the binding when we were visiting Jackson at the birth of our second grandson, Oliver. My very, very old Kenmore machine which I gave to my DIL stood up well to the task. It is awkward to thread but handled the monofiliment thread I used to do the quilting quite well. 

It is a little small for the wall I intended it to hang on so maybe I will get ambitious again and try a bigger design.

I purchased the design and followed the colors pretty closely so there is not much originality on my part. I changed the inner border to the brick color to compliment colors in the house.

The photo shows the quilt finished except for the binding. That is done now so all I have left to do is the sleeve on the back and a label.