Friday, January 18, 2008

Vogue 2949 Sandra Betzina Jacket

Finally I sew again. I wanted something quick and easy to get me jump started. I had a stack of patterns set out that I had in mind to sew, back in September before things got out of hand. Trouble was I couldn't remember what fabrics I had in mind for these patterns. I had to prowl through my stash to get a handle on this. Project ideas began to come back to me and I recalled this fabric/pattern combination.

This wonderful boiled wool had a fringed selvage that I wanted to use. I first thought I would use it for the hemline of a jacket. However this pattern called to me and I realized I could use the fringe for the center front edge which extends up to the collar edge. The opposite selvage had a smaller fringe which I used for the sleeve hem. I would have used the longer fringe but I didn't have enough yardage for the sleeves. So I laid the pattern sideways to use the selvage fringe. That worked great and I'm thrilled with my new jacket.

I spent a few hours fiddling with my serger, experimenting with edge finishes (blanket stitch, overcast, etc.) but nothing worked very well with this thick fabric. In the end I decided to use no edge finish, just rotary cut edges. The seams are stitched right sides together and topstitched open with a wide double needle. The construction of the jacket took less time than the serger fiddling!

I cut out but didn't use the bands at the bottom of the jacket. Sandra suggests in the pattern instructions that, if you are on the petite side, you consider leaving these off. I liked the look and length without the bands so, no bands.


Vicki said...

Nice use of the fabric fringes!

Nancy K said...

I like this jacket without the bands.
It looks great with jeans but maybe even better with your other outfit. The colors are wonderful together.

Lisette said...

Ann, thank you for the great pics! I am considering making this in a silk tweed because I want something softer, more like a sweater than I coat. Your's looks great as always!