Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home again, again

Once again I have been gone, this time to visit our son, DIL and adorable grandbaby in Jackson Hole for the holidays. I've been frantically busy since our return from India with preparing for Christmas, ordering furnishings for our recently purchased town house in Jackson Hole, packing everything we could possibly fit into our SUV for the long drive to Wyoming. We had a very white Christmas there and I learned to drive on the snow. Our trip home was delayed a bit by the huge storm that hit the west and closed several of the highways on our route. But we made it home to California safely only to find the power had been out in our house for a week so all the food in the refrigerator/freezer has spoiled and smells. Plus the storm dropped branches on a faucet outside and it was flooding so the water had to be turned off. Maybe after a few days of dealing with all this chaos I can start sewing again!

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