Friday, August 31, 2007

Vogue 8402 Eyelet Top

Lots of things to post. I'll start with a wrap up of my wadded wrap top, Vogue 8402. I think this style needs a small busted body to look good. I have worn empire styles successfully but this doesn't work for me. I think it is because the underbust seam doesn't curve into the body but stands away. There is minimal shaping there to flatter so I just look large and wide. Also the longer tunic length is not good for me. I knew that but I was hoping that the diagonals would make it work. Also the short sleeve length hits at a really bad spot on me. I would have cut the longer sleeve but didn't have enough fabric. Glad I didn't use my good fabric for this one.

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sue v said...

I made this top in an eyelet a while back. I am small busted and tall, and it doesn't work for me either. The envelope makes it look good, but it just doesn't work. I may make it shorter and see if that helps. s