Friday, July 20, 2007

Photo stress

I worked all day yesterday on my online photo albums which have been transfered from Yahoo Photos to Flickr. !?#@!?**! I think all the photos made it in the transfer but at least 30% were sideways and needed to be rotated. Another 30% were duplicated, some 3 or 4 times. Some were not in the albums they belonged in. You get the picture. But the biggest disaster, which I expected to happen, is that none of the links in all of my reviews at PatternReview will work anymore. I would have thought they would at least have a direct link to my albums at Flickr but no. So now I must go back and enter the new URLs to each photo on every review. Or not. I haven't decided if I can stand to do that. Maybe just the reviews from this year. I just went through this same problem a few months ago when Yahoo Photos switched to New Yahoo Photos. How many times will I have to do this?


KarenP said...

I love your picture! I'm dreading the switch from Yahoo! to Flickr. Luckily I don't have *too* many reviews that point to Yahoo! photos.

Sharon said...

LOL! Love the picture and understand the frustration. I still haven't updated all of my photo links in PR from when my picturetrail photos had to be moved to a different server!