Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home again

Back from meeting Owen Zander Smith, born April 27, 2007 in Jackson, Wyoming. I modified the nursery decor to better suit a baby boy! Suzanne and I made fleece slings for herself and Justin to carry Oz. These require @ 52-56 inches of fabric depending on the height of the wearer. Since the fleece we used is 60" wide we were able to make 3 slings from each color (white and teal). I brought one of each home to experiment with embroidery and edging. We also made a cloth book. I insisted that Suzanne do part of the sewing on these projects and she seemed to enjoy it but felt she could have never done this by herself. As these were her first attempts at sewing she was rather afraid of the sewing machine. I hope she finds a way to sew some more. Justin hung the embroidery I made "A Star is Born" near the crib.

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