Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vogue 7802 Sandra Betzina skirt

Finally I got time for a photo shoot. Here is my wonderful Moulin Rouge fabric turned into a can can skirt. I acquired this fantastic Moulin Rouge fabric some years back. Every so often I would get it out to try to envision what it should become. You know how it goes..... look through lots of patterns, pick a few, not enough fabric for those, try again, nothing inspires, put the fabric away for a few more years. The more you love a fabric the longer this process goes on it seems. Finally I decided it would be a skirt using this Sandra Betzina pattern with black trim. Since I so loved my fabric I did a rare thing for me. I made a muslin. You know... to check the fit. Hated that skirt. Put the project aside again. Changed my plan to making a jacket or shirt. Bought 3 more skirt patterns. In the end, as you can see, I went back to the SB pattern. I realized that the muslin was ugly because of a)fabric used b) no contrast trim c) no whimsy. Fit was fine. Just needed to add the whimsy.

So I threw this fabric out on the cutting board and with trepidation cut my precious. Now I'm so happy with my skirt!

I think this is a vintage cotton, probably designed to be for curtains in the 40s or 50s? Anyone know?

I left off the bias trim at the hem and waist. I added an underskirt with tulle. I made that by serging tulle to an old slip. I did multiple tucks to the lower skirt.

I remember seeing Sandra wear this skirt some years ago and it looked fantastic because of her quilted fabric with leather trim. Her patterns always look much better in person in her chosen fabrications than they do on the pattern envelopes. This was even photographed in her fabrics but maybe it just has to have her wearing it to look fantastic.


Little Hunting Creek said...

That's a really cute and unusual skirt - I love the trim and the tulle.

Capitol Sew and Sew said...

I am LOVING the vintage, moulin rouge vibe ! Great job!

Sharon said...

Love it! The combination of fabric and pattern is perfect.

Mary said...

What an absolutely fun skirt-perfect for hot fall days.

katherine h said...

How fantastic! I love the trim and tulle details. You did this fabric justice after all those years in your stash.