Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jalie 2787 Criss Cross Top

This is my first Jalie and I'm quite pleased with it. I chose the Criss-cross top which has bands that cross and are stitched into the side seams. This creates a secure, non-gaping front. The lower part of the front is a separate panel that lies underneath the criss cross bands but is not attached to them. In a stretchy fabric this top can be used for maternity and even as a nursing garment. Not that I need that!!

Jalie has every size from young girl to plus size 22 in one envelope. I used size U which is 3 sizes less than my bust measurement but close to my waist and hips. I did a flat pattern measurement and the pattern seemed similar to some of my tops of like material. I chose that size so the shoulders and neckline would fit correctly.

I used an onionskin from EOS 5 years ago depicting the Sistine Chapel. The Jalie instructions are brief but accurate and adequate. The diagrams are especially good.

I decided to leave all edges unfinished. I like the look in this kind of fabric. Also I think it helped keep the top from being too tight. I feared the bust would be overly snug after I cut it out and held it up across my body. But by not stitching or stabilizing the pieces in any way it keeps the maximum stretchiness. I shortened the length by 2 inches for a more flattering length on me.

I plan to make more of this pattern and other Jalies waiting in my stash. I definitely recommend this one.
By eliminating finishing the edges and hems, this only took about 20 minutes to sew. The pants are Sewing Workshop Plaza pant in brown wool jersey.

I say it took 20 minutes to sew which would be correct except when I put it on I noticed the sleeve had a curved and slanted bottom. I thought "hmm, I hadn't noticed that look on the envelope picture." Then I noticed that the other sleeve was straight across. Finally it dawned on me that I had sewn the sleeve in upside down. Yes the hem edge was sewn to the shoulder. The amazing thing is that the edges are exactly the same length so I didn't notice this goof while I stitched. So be aware the curved edge and flared hem edge are equal. It actually felt alright on due to the stretchiness of the fabric but, though my DH couldn't see it, I didn't like the images being upside down. Out with the ripper!


Little Hunting Creek said...

Such a pretty top! I thought I was the only one who sewed things upside down

Lori said...

Very cute top. Happy to hear you sew things in wrong, too.

Sharon said...

Oh Ann, that's so funny! I've often sewn things on wrong but somehow I've always envisioned you sewing everything perfectly :-)

It's a great top. I have not yet purchased a Jalie pattern but with all the great reviews I imagine I'll have to give in some time soon.

Vicki said...

Nice top. I have that same fabric in a UFO. Must get it out. Yours looks so nice.

Eugenia said...

Great top - I love the colours. In only 20 minutes that's amazing (even with a little error!). I oouldn't sew anything in 20 minutes!!

gwensews said...

That's a very cute top. Love the fabric. Sew on!