Thursday, January 28, 2010

Burda 7594

 I made this again using a neat textured knit from Stone Mt. & Daughter in Berkeley. The stripes are raised and puckery. I changed the cutting layout to vary the direction of the stripes, much like I did in my first version. I thought it would fit the same as the previous one but when I got it together and tried it on it looked awful. It was quite loose through the torso and really added bulk. Not a good look. Many inches were taken in at the side seams, maybe 4 - 5 altogether. I can wear it without the tee underneath once the weather warms up as I sewed the side seams up higher under the arms than the pattern indicates.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simplicity 4076 top & Vogue 8561 skirt

I haven't been posting but I have been sewing. I got way behind on my reviewing somehow. 
First up the Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 8561 that I made last year. It was so problematic because of errors in the pattern plus a fussy fabric. I've had my eye out for a nice pin stripe to use to simulate the details of the skirt in the pattern photo. A few weeks ago I visited my DIL in the Bay Area and had time for a quick stop at Stone Mountain and Daughter. Love that store. I found 4 pieces that had to come home with me. One is this lovely light weight wool charcoal/creme stripe. It worked up nicely.

The skirt is a bit time consuming because of the top-stitching especially if you need to keep changing the thread color each time as I did. Hemming is a pain because of the different grains at the hemline making it hard to get it even. One has to call on DH to help in a case like this. 

With it is that great top that has been such a popular pattern. I wanted a red top to go with my latest skirt and I love the shape of this top. View A is very similar to Simplicity 4095 that I have used many times for both the top and the skirt. This one, 4076, has flared sleeves which I didn't want so I used the sleeve from 4095. The other difference is that 4095 has gathering at the forward shoulders and slightly more curved in waistline. The red rayon jersey was waiting in my stash.

This is my best neckline. It is low but not too low and doesn't gap. Although I changed the sleeve to the narrower one I forgot to take it in even more at the lower arm. I really prefer it to be snug so I can push it up. Too lazy to take out the topstitching to change it now.

The size I cut, though right for my bust and hips is too big for my shoulders. I took in the sleeve seam 1/2 inch and eased out more than an inch at the back neck.

Everybody loves this one. There are 163 reviews on PR! I definitely will be making it again.