Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sewing Workshop Valencia Jacket

This is the first garment I have sewn from my Portland spree. I wasn't sure what I would do with this linen eyelet when I found it but loved the color and figured something would work out. I knew I wanted a loose over garment so I wouldn't have to line the eyelet. This was my most recent Sewing Workshop pattern purchase so it was eager to be sewn up. Sewing Workshop describes this as a "loose fitting jacket with soft fold-back lapels, long sleeves with faced cuffs and angled narrow hems. Under sleeves end in "V" at waistline side seams. Wrong side of fabric shows on lapels." There are also straight leg, one seam pants included in the pattern. I just sewed the jacket.

Although my measurements are well into the Medium size, I cut the Small and am happy I did. I could have even gone down to the XS I think. The front is very loose as you can see. The back fits more closely so you need to watch out there if you go down in size.

This pattern has the usual excellent SW instructions. I think, with the good instructions, this could be an easy garment for a novice to sew except for the underarm "V". It is actually a half gusset that is part of the under sleeve piece. That one detail might throw the beginner off although it is not difficult. It just requires precision.

I like a soft jacket. I've made some very similar to this before like Vogue 7640, now OOP, and enjoyed wearing the style. This SW is almost the same except for the 2 piece sleeve with underarm gusset.

On the Portland trip I also bought another 30 or so yards of fabric. Egads! What was I thinking??? Well, at least I got one piece done.


Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Pretty Jacket the way it "flows"

Nancy (nanflan) said...

The jacket looks great--I wouldn't have thought to make it up in eyelet.

30 yards! That is quite a splurge! I look forward to seeing all the future projects you make from your Portland haul.

Little Hunting Creek said...

That's so pretty in eyelet! I never would have thought of it. It looks great

gwensews said...

You look good in the art type garments, like Sewing Workshop. Have you ever sewn Park Bench Patterns? They have some flowey type garments that I think you would look fabulous in.

Gail said...

I really like that fabric.

Moushka said...

Great jacket, Ann. I always enjoy your sewing reviews so much. Can't wait to see what other fabrics you scored in Portland. This one is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Cute Jacket for women. She's pretty.


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