Friday, March 20, 2009

Sewing Workshop Trio Top

Sewing Workshop's new pattern includes a lot with a top, a t-shirt, and pants. I've just made the top out of a well aged stash fabric from Hong Kong. I thought it would be fun to use a stripe to highlight the back panel by turning it cross grain so I searched my stash and found this one purchased 15 years ago. It is a lovely raw silk with an annoying property of horrible smell when ironed. Hopefully I won't ever get too hot while wearing it.

Here's the envelope description: T-Shirt: Shaped t-shirt has three-quarter length raglan sleeves, narrow neck binding and double stitched hems. Top: Easy fit, sleeveless short top or jacket has inset back yoke with eased seam, small tailored collar and neck band, and eight-button front closure. Pants: Ankle length pants have long cargo pockets with top button or optional zipper closure sewn into side panel seams. Elastic waistband with flat front. I made the just the top so far.

This pattern has the usual excellent Sewing Workshop instructions. I stupidly sewed the collar stand on upside down and had to improvise the finishing as I had already trimmed it when I realized my mistake. But this was my mistake due to inattentiveness and no fault of the pattern itself. I like the stand up collar, the unusual inset in the back. One minor dislike: the bias binding on the armholes tend to flare up. This often occurs on this type of sleeve. I think if you pull on the bias slightly as you are sewing it this can minimize this. I forgot to do this.

There is plenty of ease through the bust so no need for the usual FBA. After finishing the armholes with the bias binding I decided they needed to be shorter. I turned them under and topstitched. If I were doing it again I might turn them under another half inch. I also sewed the side seam up another inch higher so I can wear this without another top underneath (when I add the buttons, that is). Without that extra inch the armhole is very open. And I changed the cutting direction on the back panel to have the stripes run vertically.

I wore this to a meeting tonight and got lots of compliments. I haven't put the buttons and buttonholes on yet as I hadn't decided just what to use there. I want to wear it with the necklace and don't want the buttons to conflict. The stripes will match up when I do the buttons.
The pants and t-shirt are not the Trio pattern. Marcy Tilton pants Vogue 8397, purchased top.


Claudine said...

That is lovely. What a great pattern to show of stripes.

Pamela Erny said...

Very Elegant...I love it!

zetor said...

That is so smart. I like the stripe detail at the back.

gwensews said...

Your top is very pretty. Innovative. I love clothing that is different from the norm. I have a feeling that this top needs a slim body like yours to be successful.

Birgitte said...

Another beautiful creation. And the necklace is just the right accessory. Wonderful color-ways on you.