Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oz's quilt

I'm back home and looking forward to sewing something or other in the next 2 weeks before I go to Jackson Hole again for the arrival of baby #2. Meanwhile, while in Wyoming I did some sewing on my ancient (42 years old) machine which resides there. My DIL had some projects I helped her with but more momentously for me (the non-quilter) I made a quilt. A small, cuddly quilt for Oz. I wanted to make one for him that had local animals (Moose, bear, elk, buffalo) and thought of doing a regular appliqued or embroidered version. But I also really wanted it to be a blankey he could carry around and snuggle with. The local quilt shop was extremely well stocked with every western, animal, cowboy, etc. print known to man as that seems to be what everyone wants there. I picked out 12 prints in flannel to make a rag quilt. They were very nice at the shop and allowed me to cut out my pieces there using their cutting mat, rotary cutter and straight edge. Thank heavens for that. I didn't have any of that equipment with me and it would have cost a bundle to add that to the purchase. Also their table was just the right height unlike the dining table at the town house. I enjoyed this project very much. I may go on to make a wall-hanging with the moose, bear, elk, etc. 
The photos show the quilt before and after washing which fluffs up the raw edges, and the back side which is flat. And, of course, Owen with his new cuddly quilt.