Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nursing modesty drape

My DIL is nursing Oliver so I wanted to make her a modesty drape that I have spotted others using. We just used to use whatever receiving blanket that was handy but this definitely is an improvement. The boning on the top edge keeps the drape away from the body so you can look down and see baby. The strap around the shoulders keeps it in place. I considered lining it with a soft flannel but my friend's DIL commented that she liked having the drape as thin as possible so it would fold up into the diaper bag easily. 

Since I decided not to line it I picked a fabric that looked good on both sides. In cotton prints that's not easy but this batik filled the bill. DIL wanted subdued fall colors thus my choice.


Anonymous said...

what did you use as a pattern for this? I am thinking it would be a very good gift for a friend.

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