Monday, May 5, 2008

Butterick 4527 Maternity top

I decided to sew some maternity clothes for my DIL. She especially needs tops for hot weather as she is due in early September. She liked the empire waisted  top on this pattern so I dove into my stash to find something appropriate. It is amazing how few things seemed right in a stash of 700+ pieces. It appears I have mostly silk, wool, velvet,knits,  etc. Not much for a simple summer woven top. I found this piece, circa 1960's I think! She liked it so I stitched it up.

I widened the straps because we felt a 7 to 9 month would want to wear a bra. Even with wider straps the top of the top doesn't cover the top of her bras. We decided she would wear a tank top underneath. 

Fit was the big issue with this pattern. I understand that you use the non-pregnant measurements to choose the size so I did this. Doing so resulted in a garment too big at the bust. I think she has done most of her growing there already so they allowed more than she needed. That may be hard to gauge as it is probably very different from woman to woman. The bigger issue is the size around the bump. Not really enough for 8 and 9 months. I took tiny side seams but I fear, just when the weather really heats up in July and August, she will have outgrown the space allowed.

Other than these issues, the top is easy to make and a cute, current style for the mom-to-be.


Tany said...

It looks wonderful Ann! Well done!

Cotton Picker said...

Pretty top. Looks like it would feel nice and airy on those hot, humid summer days.

BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Hi Ann! Congratulations :)
I have this pattern in front of me now. Good grief, you're right, spaghetti straps for the third trimester? I notice the pants don't have a maternity panel either, nor do they call for stretch wovens. I'm approaching with caution. Shoot, are there any maternity patterns that actually fit???