Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pea Pod Costume

I finished the pea pod costume for Baby Oz. We're going to Wyoming to visit him (and his parents of course) in a few days and I had to push to get it ready to take with me. I sure hope it fits. I made size Medium which is for 3-6 months. He will be 6 months at Halloween. His length and weight were within the medium size range so I chose that. His weight was almost in the small size but his height at the medium. I hope he hasn't suddenly grown lots longer in the last few weeks. I will post photos with him wearing the costume when I get back.

The costume is very cute and not hard to make. It did take longer than I anticipated but isn't that always the case? I used a plush bright green microfiber and a dark green felt, both from Joann's. The only tricky part was attaching the stem at the top of the hood. That was probably because I stuffed it too full of polyfill. The peas don't look quite centered because you have to sew them to one side of the zipper. That is my only complaint with the pattern. Oh, and also, they neglected to mention that you need cording (to gather up the peas) in the notions. Fortunately I had just enough on hand to get by.

I'm going to suggest to my son that he dress as the Jolly Green Giant or as a can of vegetables. He will have to make his own costume though. Only so much a person can do....


julia said...

Ann, it's adorable. Have a great visit!

Enid said...

I also think your suggestion for your son's costume is a good one and a HOOT !
Enjoy your time with your family..

Meggy said...

Oh it is absolutely adorable, please post a pic of him wearing it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to use the pea pod costume and the starting point for making a costume for my grandson for Halloween 2009. Where did you get the pea pod pattern? I can't find one currently and wonder if I'll have to wait a little longer for more costume patterns to be available.