Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vogue 8397 Marcy Tilton pant

This is a first for me. I have now made all 3 views on a pattern. Rarely do I use a pattern even twice but all the views is unheard of. And, all 3 views are black pants. I really didn't need another pair of black pants but I wanted to have a pair of the matching cotton dobby to the Marcy Tilton jacket I made recently. So it seemed logical to use her pant pattern again.

This is view C which is a one seam pant. There are darts at the waistline, front and back, to take out some of the fullness. There are cute outside darts at the bottom to pull in the leg. Also a tuck horizontal to the hem which you can barely see in the envelope photo. You can barely see it on my garment too. I guess if it were a color other than black you could see it. It serves no function except to be decorative. These pants are very baggy in the hip and thigh area. Perhaps with a drapier fabric than mine this would look okay. However I didn't like the look so I took in one inch on each leg at the inseam. No outer leg seam to alter or I would have done it there too.

I cut a 12 which is a size smaller than my measurements. So you can see these run big.

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