Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sandra Betzina Week continued again

Click in the box to link to Eva Dress and the picture of the pattern.
I'm finishing up my projects started at the sewing camp in SF. Somehow they were very complex and have taken me a long time. Sandra helped me with fitting issues on the vintage pattern I chose which I plan to enter in the PR Vintage Contest. This is the Katherine Hepburn jacket and dress from Eva Dress which appeared in the Threads issue that was dedicated to vintage sewing a few months ago. This jacket is mostly one pattern piece, very oddly shaped. I knew how to construct it but fitting was a puzzle. It was very interesting to see how Sandra figured it out. Very unconventional fitting techniques. It was quite liberating to see her approach. Once she understood the pattern piece and where the bust was (the area I needed to add to) she suggested slashing and adding sort of randomly. Not in any orderly way. I found this very freeing.

I also chose to work on Vogue 2987, the Anne Klein jacket in ultra-suede. I encountered a few problems in the drafting of this pattern, especially in the sleeve cap. The jacket is almost done, maybe 3 more hours. Then I will review it.

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