Monday, July 9, 2007

Mimosa Top and Marcy Tilton Pant

I finished my crinkled outfit and I love it. I'm really going to enjoy wearing this. Sharon asked me how to deal with crinkled fabric. I guess my answer is, it depends. This particular fabric doesn't seem to grow or stretch at all. The crinkles are like permanently pressed wrinkles. Even ironing doesn't change them much. Other crinkled fabric I have used has been very different. Some stretch a lot during construction and even more when wearing. Some are okay with sewing and wearing but washing changes it a lot. The best thing is to test first to see what will happen. If it seems to stretch while sewing and wearing, then stretch it by ironing first. The worst I ever worked with was a beautiful micro pleated silk chiffon. Chiffon is bad enough but I discovered that the pleats were not permanently set. So any ironing I did erased the pleats. What a nightmare!

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