Saturday, July 7, 2007

FabriX in SF

I finally got a chance to work on the black and white crinkled fabrics I cut out last week. I bought these fabrics at FabriX in SF a while back when I took my friend Dorothy there for her first exposure to this wonderful store. She is new to sewing and was amazed by the choices there since her only fabric shopping so far had been in JoAnn's and a quilting store. FabriX has bargains galore all stacked in rolls, either $1.99/yd or $3.99/yd. There are some fancy silks and embroideries that are more but still at a fraction of the usual cost. It really helps to know something about fabric to make your selections although the ladies working there are very helpful if they are not too busy.
I'm making the Sewing Workshop Mimosa top from the white and the new Marcy Tilton pants pattern (Vogue 8397) from the black. I have enough left over of each to make something else. Maybe a bias shell. I'm making view B of the pants which has a tab at the lower leg. It needs one button on each leg. You'd think with all the thousands of buttons I have I would have 2 matching simple black buttons, but no. I will have to go out and buy 2 buttons to finish these. The pants are very simple to sew but I will have a lot to say about sizing when I review these. I also hope to make view A, which calls for a knit fabric, from another piece I bought that day at FabriX.


Sharon said...

Oooo, that fabric store sounds like fun. If I ever make to SF I'll have to stop there.

I have question on the crinkled fabrics - I've always been afraid to sew with them. How do you keep them from "stretching" out of shape while you work with them?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I have been to FabriX just once and I loved it. Even now my heart races thinking about all the great pieces I got there...some of which are still in my collection! I really envy you the ability to pop in whenever you like!