Saturday, May 5, 2007

Burda WOF 2/2007 #114 Empire waist top

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114 A Tunic
115 A Trousers/pants
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from Burda World of Fashion 02/2007

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A veritable masterpiece! A drawstring with decorative bow accentuates the trendy empire waistline. The trousers/pants are quickly sewn, as they’re straight-cut and feature only pressed creases and turn-ups/cuffs.

Burda sizes 34 – 44.
(Tunic & trousers/pants: ** Easy to sew but more time-consuming)

I was enamored with this top when the magazine first arrived. It reminded me that I have a similar fabric in black in my stash. It had not occurred to me that I could cut away the edges for such an interesting look. So instead of finishing my clothes sorting project, or working on the other sewing projects I had decided to do, I plunged into this one. On studying the pattern I realized that it does not open down the front as I had thought but is an overblouse. I'm not sure I want this for the black fabric. Also it is a trendy look that may not work well on me nor last for a while. However now that I have the pattern out on the table I decided to proceed and use another fabric for a wearable muslin. It is a cotton windowpane voile from EOS. I only have 1 1/4 yard but maybe I can make it work.

I dropped the underbust seam 1 1/2 inches and cut size 40 with no other alterations. I had to shorten the sleeves 2 inches because of lack of fabric but I often shorten sleeves anyway. Also due to lack of fabric I had to piece the casing band. The instructions seem to be pretty complete and understandable, not usual for WOF, except for the dimensions given for the casing band. I assumed the size included the seam allowances so my piece is narrower than it should be. There is a lot of design ease at the bust and hips. The neckline is very low requiring a camisole underneath. The shoulders and set in sleeves fit well.

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Dawn said...

I like that top...might have to go back a couple burda months and re-consider it.

Just found you via Sharon Sews. Great blog!