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Vogue 7607 denim skirt

11/21/05 7:24 AM
Last Updated:9/15/02 11:00 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
Project Photo:photo
Pattern Photo: Vogue Pattern Information

Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:Easy to sew

I picked out this pattern for view A but I wanted to try out the sizing first since it has been a long while since I made a fitted skirt. I had a spare piece of light weight denim which is a recommended fabric, but I thought it would be better in view C. I cut out the size according to my measurements and it fit perfectly. (If I were making a top, I need to cut 2 or 3 sizes smaller than my measurements to fit properly at the neck and shoulder. Then I add on 4 inches for the bust and 2 for waist and hip). It was fun and quick to make something without all that altering! I usually shorten skirts 3 to 5 inches. I did not shorten this pattern and it is surprisingly short. Too short for my taste.

This pattern was very quick and easy to make. I did make 2 small design changes. I changed to an invisible zipper because I wanted to practice that technique. It resulted in a nice smooth line that doesn't disrupt the lines of the seaming. There are also close up pictures posted of the side and back views.

I also shortened the curved dip in the front. It swooped down lower than in the back and seemed very awkward and unattractive to me. It looked very different than on the pattern picture which looks more angled and natural and the same length as the back This dropped down in a strange way. I cut off 3 inches from the longest point and smoothed out the curve.

side and back

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