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Vogue 2751 Adri blouse burnout linen

7/26/05 11:30 PM
Last Updated:8/19/05 1:34 AM
Pattern Size:Regular
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Pattern Photo: Vogue Pattern Information

Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:I would definitely sew this pattern again

UPDATE 8/18/05. I made this top again, this time with the long sleeves. I had a lovely piece of cotton voile that coordinated with my pleated chiffon from EmmaOneSock. Actually the first time I made this pattern was a test before I cut out this more pricey piece. As you can see this pattern makes up into a nice little coverup for the dress. Here's the back view.

Original review
I had a bit of this fabric left from my butterfly blouse (Vogue 7827) and discovered that I could make this vest with just over a yard of fabric. Also I wanted to test this pattern for another sheer that I have in my stash.

This is quite easy to sew but has the turned and top-stitched edges that I have just decided are a pain in the neck on a sheer fabric. I've never minded these before but then I've not really done much sewing with sheers before. My impatient technique does not lend itself to the precision one needs to make this look really good. But in spite of that the garment came out pretty nicely.

Once again I did not do a FBA or add on at all because of the amount of ease in the pattern. My bust measures almost 6 inches more than the size I made. Because of this the top is more closely fitted on me than shown on the pattern envelope.

The one odd thing about this pattern (well at least for the vest as that is the only part I made) is that the instructions call for stitching the front edges turned to the outside. The jacket has the edges turned inward. No explanation is given for this change and I can't see in the photo on the cover that there is a difference. This would be confusing for the beginning sewer especially regarding the facing at the neck edge. The pattern calls for this to be sewn right sides together. I guess that the concept is for the back side of the fabric to be featured at these edges but no mention is made of this anywhere nor does the picture show this. This wrong side out idea is abandoned at the bottom hem where the instructions have it stitched to the inside. It is particularly confusing because the instructions go back and forth between the jacket and the vest so you notice these differences but can't understand why. Even the loop application is quite different. I didn't do this but stitched everything to the inside as for the jacket.

Except for that oddity I like the pattern. I will sew it again. First I have to finish this by sewing on the buttons once I find them.

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