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Vogue 1938 Adri reversible jacket, skirt & top

11/21/05 7:07 AM
Last Updated:9/9/03 1:56 AM
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Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

I puzzled for quite awhile as to what to do with this wonderful fabric. It is a two-sided cotton knit with a different color on each side. I wanted the design to show off both sides at once and to be reversible.

I studied my many patterns and came upon this one which dates from 1987. It called for a firmer fabric (denim for example) and seemed dated in the sizing (extended shoulders, boxy wide jacket, wide sleeves). So I moved on through my pattern stash looking and pondering but I kept coming back to this one. The jacket and skirt are constructed with wrong sides sewn together and the seams opened on the outside and topstitched in place. The hems are turned to the outside and topstitched. I liked this simple way of showing the reverse side of the fabric.

Finally I settled on this pattern and started adapting. I folded out 2 inches width from each sleeve. I folded out an inch from each front, back, and yoke. This brought the extended shoulder in for a more contemporary look. I lengthened the hemline an inch. I eliminated the waistband and zipper on the skirt using elastic instead. The pattern called for finishing all the seams by turning under 1/4" and topstitching. I just topstitched and trimmed the fabric close to the stitching since the knit doesn't ravel.

I had enough fabric to also make a shell using the same construction technique. The jacket front falls open nicely to show the underside. All 3 pieces are reversible to the other side which is the solid color.

I know you probably won't be able to find this same pattern but I so enjoyed using this technique to feature the double cloth I thought you might be able to apply it to a pattern you have.

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