Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sewing Workshop Tribeca Shirt brown felted wool

4/11/06 7:33 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
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Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:Easy to sew

I saw this pattern sewn up in a boiled wool at the Sewing Workshop booth at the expo in Puyallup I recently attended. I was quite smitten with their treatment using a special rotary cutter blade so I set out to buy myself one with the shaped edges. Of course the pinking blade only came with a different cutter than I own and with 3 other blades. I splurged and bought it, eager to come home a try it out. I knew I had this piece of boiled wool left over from my Soho Coat project just waiting for something like this.

The Tribeca shirt or jacket is quite easy to sew. Very straightforward with no unusual tricky spots. I wanted to increase the opportunities for using the pinked edges so I altered the pattern in several ways. I changed the darts to princess seams front and back and overlapped the seams and the dart. Figuring out how to do this took a bit of time, especially because the darts from the waist are set way to the side. I transferred those darts toward the center so the seam could drop straight down as in a normal princess seam. The only seams I left as in the pattern were the seams to set in the sleeves. Once these changes were figured out it didn't take very long to construct the jacket.

I think this is a terrific pattern for this kind of treatment. Sewn up traditionally it is a nice style for an easy shirt or jacket with a bit of extra pizzaz. It fits well with my normal alterations.

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