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Panache 1 plus 3 Tee orange rayon jersey

8/14/06 1:57 AM
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Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:Easy to sew

I made this top from a pattern called 1 Plus 3 Tee (because there are only 1 pattern piece and 3 seams) from Heather Claus' Panache line at the See It, Sew It website. It takes very little time to make this top, maybe 15 minutes if you don't have trouble with your needle coming unthreaded as I did. You enlarge the pattern as per instructions, cut the one pattern piece on the fold and sew 3 short seams. The edges are left unfinished as per the current trend. You could add seam allowances and finish the edges if you want but that will take a bit more time.

To wear it you scrunch up the long side allowing the hem to drape diagonally. Here's the back.

I sewed the neckline seam an inch longer than suggested but when I make one for my DIL I will leave it more open as she wants to wear it a la Flash Dance.

My fabric is a lovely rayon/cotton/lycra jersey, very soft and drapey. I ordered this a year or so ago and one it arrived it startled me with the intense color. Not what I was expecting so I relegated it to the wearable muslin pile. When I decided to try out this pattern I pulled out this fabric for the experiment. Amazingly, I like the color now that it is sewn up. Funny how transformations occur. Sometimes fabric that is wonderful as a piece doesn't sew up look good as a garment. Occasionally the reverse happens. For this outfit it happened twice. Just a week ago I ordered the rayon/lycra skirt fabric from lucysfabrics.com. When it arrived I was alarmed at its brightness. But lo and behold, look how it goes with my bright top. What a pleasant surprise.

I recommend this as an unusual, quick to sew top that is easy enough for a beginner.

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