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McCall 3091 NYNY OOP Irridescent Jacket

11/26/02 10:09 PM
Last Updated:11/26/02 10:30 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
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Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:I would definitely sew this pattern again

This is an OOP McCall's NYNY pattern from 2001 that includes a dress, pants and a jacket. I have received a request to review it so here goes. I have only made the jacket although I keep looking at the dress as it looks very attractive. Maybe this spring...

The jacket is very easy and straightforward sewing. No problems that I can recall. I made the 10 with 12 at the sides although my measurements are closer to the 14, or even 16 in the bust. There is plenty of room as it is a loose fitting design. I did shorten the length by 2 inches. It has a very nice collar, easy to construct. The back detail is nothing more than a simple tuck
My fabric is a shiny, irredescent, taut weave, of unknown fiber. Perhaps acetate, or a blend of some sort. I just loved the copper/taupe color combination. The pattern calls for dupioni, linen, or shantung so I figured it had similar characteristics. It seemed to work out quite well. I teamed this with Burda #8786 skirt

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