Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mary Mulari wrap front apron

4/3/06 6:19 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
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Pattern Information provided by Ann Smith

Pattern Rating:Easy to sew

This is a fun apron pattern that is easy to sew and a little different. It was inspired by a vintage pattern as most of Mary Mulari's apron patterns seem to be. She includes several options for individualizing such as rounding or squaring the bottom and the pockets. She also has suggestions for different fabric combinations to create different looks. I became enamored with these Asian prints at the sewing festival I recently attended. As I wasn't in the mood to make a quilt I decided I would make an apron as an excuse to buy these prints.

It is reversible, using 1 yard each of 2 different fabrics. Or you can use more different fabrics if you like. I used 2 main fabrics for front and back and 2 other fabrics for pockets. This is a good way to use those fat quarters. I added a pocket for my reading glasses on the upper part of one side. The ties wrap and tie in the back or if you make them a little longer they can be tied in the front.

Quick and easy to sew. The only point of slight confusion is attaching the yoke to the main pieces. Just be sure to look at the drawing carefully so you don't sew it together backwards as I did. For a moment I thought "how odd to have the pockets in the center instead of on the outer edge". Duh.

I like the wrap idea so there's no putting on over the head. The one thing I don't like about this is the back neckline seems to ride too high. I would carve the curve out deeper to make it rest better on the neck.

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Anonymous said...

Did you find the pattern to run small? I have bought other patterns from her and they seem to run small Just my opion and experence