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Kwik Sew 2935 Men's shirt travel print cotton

6/5/06 2:27 PM
Pattern Size:Regular
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Pattern Photo:Kwik Sew 2935
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When I spotted this travel themed fabric at a quilting shop recently I knew it was time to make my DH a shirt. He loves to travel. He's obsessed with travel. I haven't made him a shirt in 25 years. So here it is.

I chose this Kwik Sew pattern based on positive pattern reviews here at wonderful PR. It is a great pattern which is exactly like some aloha type shirts my DH owns. I chose the size by comparing with one of his shirts that fits well. This one seems a little big across the back. Since it is the same measurement as one of his shirts that looks good I think this affect is caused by the lesser amount of drape in this cotton. Next time I will reduce the size a bit if the fabric is not drapey.

I left off the loop at the neck as per comments by other reviewers. On questioning DH he said he never uses that little loop. So why fuss with that?

The one thing I can add to help someone starting to make this shirt regards cutting out the collar. I made a perfect collar and was about to attach it to the shirt when I realized the fabric print was upside down. How did this happen? I was so careful cutting out, matching the pocket and all. This is the deal.... I didn't follow the cutting layout which I often don't. If you look carefully at the cutting layout the collar is facing the correct way. I have always used the printing on each pattern piece as a guide to what is the top of the pattern. This has always worked. Apparently Kwik Sew doesn't use that system so don't do it. If you lay the collar piece with the writing facing up, the print will be upside down.

It was to be for Father's Day but I couldn't wait to give it to him. He loves it.

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