Monday, April 16, 2007

Burda WOF 7/03 top

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Posted on:7/27/03 2:08 PM
Last Updated:7/27/03 2:08 PM
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Pattern Rating:I would definitely sew this pattern again

I had a little bit of fabric left from my Burda 2565 top so I looked in my pattern stash for an appropriate tank top. I have been buying Burda World of Fashion magazines for some time and love them for inspiration but have never tried sewing one of the patterns. This top jumped out at me in the recent issue and I choose it because of the similarity to my fabric.

It is a nice basic top that is a particularly good choice for busty bodies as there is a dart at the side seam. I dropped the dart an inch as usual. The fabric used in the magazine is a woven and cut on the bias. As my onionskin is a knit with plenty of stretch I cut it on the straight grain. I eliminated the sleeves and finished the arm edges with a simple turned and top-stitched hem.

The thing that particularly interested me on this design was the lettuce finish at the neckline. I liked the look but was skeptical that it would really work. I feared that it would stretch out so much that the top would just fall off. But as you can see, it worked out very well.


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